Complete guide: Bluetooth Headsets

Buying a headset is definitely not an easy task. There are a lot of different brands available on the market, and every manufacturer is doing their utmost to encourage consumers to buy their own equipment. But before we get into the bars about the choice of the most fitting earmuffs, let’s try to figure out what we really mean by “premium earphones.”

These models do not include models offering studio sound quality or earbud earphones. In the premium segment, however, the ear and headphones are revered, which, apart from the excellent sound, are also characterized by first class quality and a price oscillating in the range of about $300 up to $100.

The Musical Fidelity MF-200B will show you the full potential if you connect it to the V90-BHA headphone amplifier.

Since we already know the most important determinants of the premium class, let’s take a look for a device that suits our tastes. If you are planning on buying this type of headset, it is unlikely we will ever get into a low-noise device – but keep in mind that each model is different from its competitors in terms of sound nuances. Our potential favorites are playing.

Sounds relevant

There is no cheating – for headphones and any other audio equipment, sound quality is the most important factor to consider when buying. Each model has a different carrying range and it is worth paying attention to this value because it translates into the sound characteristics of the headset data.

For example, if you like music with clearly emphasized bass, then interest in low-bandwidth devices, such as Beats by Dre. When you come across some particular headphone model and the manufacturer for some reason does not share its specific hardware specifications, you can try searching for it on

What construction?

When you buy a premium headset, you have basically two types of devices – the ear ring and the ear ring. Surrounding models (eg B & O

Play H6 or Audeze EL-8) as the name implies, they cover the shell all the way to better block incoming sounds. Their disadvantage is lack of sufficient ventilation of the ear and quite a considerable weight, which in some cases can affect the comfort of use of equipment during long listening.

Headphones with a crossover design are slightly smaller and can weigh as much as several dozen grams less than the rounded models. So, they are better, for example, during long journeys, during which we want to listen to music for several hours by cutting off the conversations sitting next to passengers.

Closed or open?

In addition to the shape of the shell, their important feature is also whether their outer part is completely covered by the housing. Headphone transmitters emit sounds in both directions, so in a closed-loop model, the sound is more effectively blocked from getting out. This solution is useful for frequent traveling music lovers who do not want to disturb the silence sitting next to people.

The Philips Fidelio M2L connects to the devices directly through the Lightning connector.

So why bother with open-shelled models at all, since they allow leakage outside? The answer to this question is simple – these types of earphones give you a deeper sound that is comparable to what we can experience sitting in the room where the sound system is on. Both types of construction have their advantages, so it is good to analyze before buying the specific nature of the conditions in which we will want to play the music.

The hollow head

Bang & Olufsen Play H6 stand out from the competition with excellent sound and a surprisingly low price for this type of design. According to what you would expect from a Danish brand, the sound quality offered by its product is equivalent to its performance class – this is not lacking here on the headband and pads of the lamb skin and memory foam foam, which adjusts its shape to the ears (in this case rather Head) of the user. Like the Play H6 round earphones have relatively compact dimensions. The band-pass characteristic translates into a fairly neutral, but very expressive sound, coming from two 40-millimeter transducers. Like most commercially available headphones, the Danish product has a built-in microphone and a remote control that allows you to control your smartphone tracks. To fully appreciate their beauty, however, you should consider buying a headphone amplifier – to this point we will go in a moment.

Headphones with open design allow for much more fuller sound.

Another noteworthy model is the Audeze EL-8 in a closed shell version. This is a piece of massive equipment attracting attention with its quite sophisticated design, whose main determinants are earmuffs decorated with wooden veneer and the generous use of brushed metal. With regard to the EL-8, it is most appropriate for those who value the clarity of midrange and bass. The latter are spectacular here, which makes Audeze a strong competitor, for example, for the Beats line. Last but not least, the EL-8 is manufactured using planar technology, so you do not need to buy any headphone amplifier.

Breathtaking miracle

In this category, our attention was drawn to the Grado PS500E. Unlike Aude, the EL-8 has an open shells design, so it is much better suited for people listening to music at home. The undoubted plus of the described headphones is that even at high volume settings, the sound coming from the inverters is perfectly balanced. Phenomenally, they sound particularly vocal and string instruments, which in the eyes of serious music lovers can be considered as a big argument for buying this model. Hand-made PS500E will also appeal to connoisseurs of high-end styling devices.

Wireless bait

Premium headphones offering Bluetooth audio are not often seen, as many music lovers think that the quality of the wireless signal does not equal that of the cable. Regardless of whether they are right, it is worth checking out the latest P5 Wireless model from Bowers & Wilkins – unbelievably one of the best cordless handsets that not only offers excellent sound quality with support for the aptX Bluetooth codec, but also boast Very effective sound isolation from the environment. Also visit my homepage The quality of the described model stands at exceptionally high level, as is the class of materials (leather, metal and brushed aluminum) used for its production. So if you are looking for a refined and great sounding wireless headset, then P5 Wireless should be on your shopping list.

For apple fans

There was no shortage of space for even one product that could stand out from the rest of the models presented with an unusual solution. The uniqueness of the Fidelio M2L headphones comes in two qualities – it has a built-in DAC and comes with a Lightning cable, which makes them ideal for newer owners and devices. The quality of the sound coming from their 40 millimeter transducers deserves applause, especially if they pass through the paths recorded in lossless formats.

B & W P5 Wireless is without question the best available wireless headphones today.

At the end, it is still a bit more about the subject of headphone amplifiers. These devices can not be seen as mandatory extras, however, they allow you to extract the true beauty of the sound from even mid-range headphones. If you choose to buy any of these accessories you can be sure that your ear muffs will play much louder and their sound will gain significantly. Price of amplifiers can often exceed the cost of the headphones itself, but it is unknown today that audiofiles are able to pay really a lot for the equipment used to fulfill their most beloved hobby.


Mark Burns

Mark Burns